Is There Finally Hope for Apartment and Condo Dwellers who want to create REAL BBQ Flavor on their Patio and at the Picnic, Beach, Camping, or Tailgating?

For Apartment and Condo Dwellers it’s a question of; “Electric Grill for the Balcony or Charcoal Grill for Tailgating, Picnics, Camping, or the Beach?”  And as every griller knows, creating REAL BBQ flavor involves a modest amount of smoke.  Can an electric grill even do that?

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. – December 18, 2014 – National BBQ studies show more-and-more people grilling more types of food, grilling year round, and grilling in more places.  At the same time, recent Census studies show more people are choosing Apartment/Condo lifestyles than in the last 40 years.  Most BBQ Grills however, have not kept up with these changing trends.  Meco’s Wherever Grill to the rescue!  According to Bob Hebner, Meco’s VP of Strategic Development “We set out to design a BBQ Grill people can take anywhere and delivers amazing BBQ flavor.  Our new Wherever Grill is an honest solution to the millions of people who want both the ease and safety of outdoor electric grilling at their apartment or condo and the flexibility to grill wherever they go.  And as an American BBQ Grill manufacturer for over 40 years, it’s critical all of our grills serve up great BBQ flavor.  The new Wherever Grill delivers all of these grilling features by offering two distinct cooking methods in one portable BBQ Grill.”

As an Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill, the Wherever Grill is perfect for Condos, Apartments, and many RV Campsites.  The Easy to Use and Variable Temperature Controller makes grilling Veggies, Fish, and Poultry a breeze!  The Wherever Grill also has a specially designed reflector pan and a 1,500-watt heat source to generate the higher temperatures needed to handle Steaks and Chops.  Mr. Hebner says, “You can even enhance your recipes with the extra flavor of hickory, apple, cherry, or mesquite wood by placing water-soaked wood chips on the reflector pan.”  The grill features a stylish stay-cool handle which keeps your hands safely away from hot surfaces.  The UL and CUL listed heating element plugs into any standard outdoor household outlet.

As a Charcoal grill, the Wherever Grill supports two large Hood Vents, making temperature control easy.  The Lock and Go feature makes it easy to transport the Wherever Grill to any event.  And the 176 cooking grid makes it perfect for a cozy patio dinner of Mesquite Grilled Chicken for two or Tailgater of Burgers for six.

Bob is quick to point out, “When it comes to creating awesome BBQ flavor, it’s all about the smoke!  We designed the Wherever Grill to be flexible, but in keeping with our long history of manufacturing authentic American BBQ Grills, it had to deliver great flavor.”  Three design features create that Smoky BBQ Goodness everyone loves whether on the patio or spending the weekend at the beach.  First, the Wherever Grill has an open-grid design.   Unlike the “frying-pan” style grids on many other electrics, the open-grid allows for perfect smoke-draft to infuse recipes with amazing flavors. Second, as the juices from the recipe hit the specially designed reflector pan, they vaporize and further soak-in tasty flavor.  And third, the domed hood, with the large air vents, create the perfect smoke-filled cavern to marinate recipes with wonderful smoky BBQ flavors.

Available in the Spring of 2015 at select retailers nationwide with a suggested retail of $89.99, the Wherever Grill comes in a variety of colors.

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